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10+ Best scholarships in Canada for international students 2024-2025


10+ Best scholarships in Canada for international students 2024-2025

Scholarship Overview

Studying in Canada can be an amazing journey, but for many international students, the cost can be a big worry. Luckily, Canada offers many scholarships to help international students achieve their academic goals. In this guide, we’ve put together the “Top 10+ Scholarships in Canada for International Students” to make it easier for students to find the right opportunity. These scholarships cover various programs, including online master’s degrees, undergraduates, and PhDs.

Canada is known for its excellent education and diverse culture, making it a popular choice for international students. However, studying abroad can be expensive, and scholarships are crucial in making studying in Canada possible.

At the top of our list is the prestigious Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships, which provide financial support and recognize leadership skills in doctoral students. This scholarship sets the stage for students to make a real impact in the academic world.

For postdoctoral researchers, the Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships offer support for cutting-edge research and provide a platform for scholars to excel in their fields.

The Trudeau Foundation Scholarships, aimed at doctoral candidates, focus on leadership and innovation, preparing future leaders who will contribute to society.

Moving on to undergraduate scholarships, we have the International Leader of Tomorrow Award at the University of British Columbia and the Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship at the University of Toronto. These scholarships highlight Canada’s commitment to nurturing talent at all levels of education.

In addition to university-specific scholarships, institutions like Humber College and York University offer entrance scholarships to international students. These scholarships look beyond academic achievements and value qualities like leadership and community involvement.

Whether it’s the University of Calgary, Carleton University, or other top institutions, Canada is dedicated to providing opportunities for international students. This guide is a valuable resource for students planning to study in Canada, offering information on various scholarships, eligibility criteria, and application processes. These scholarships not only ease financial burdens but also demonstrate Canada’s commitment to building a diverse and inclusive academic community on a global scale.

Perimeter Scholars International Award at University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is offering the Perimeter Scholars International Award for the 2023 academic year. This award is open to both domestic and international students who are interested in pursuing a Master’s degree in Science – Physics and Astronomy.

Students accepted into the Perimeter Scholars International Program will receive full financial support throughout their program. The University of Waterloo will provide tuition scholarships, while Perimeter Institute (PI) will offer awards to cover various expenses such as travel, housing, food, textbooks, student services fees, and incidental stipends as determined by PI. This scholarship covers a wide range of expenses to support students during their studies. Click here to apply.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship for International Students at University of Toronto

The University of Toronto’s School of Graduate Studies is currently inviting applications from outstanding and eligible students for the Ontario Graduate Scholarship for International Students. This scholarship opportunity is available for those who plan to pursue a degree program at the University during the 2023-2024 academic year.

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) is a joint initiative between the province of Ontario and the university. The province allocates OGS awards to universities, specifying the number of awards each university can offer to their students annually.

The OGS provides $5,000 per session. Therefore, recipients may receive $10,000 for two consecutive sessions or $15,000 for three consecutive sessions. In all cases, one-third of the total award received by the students is covered by the awarding graduate unit. Click here to apply.

Scholarships for Masters and PhD Students at the University of Guelph

The University of Guelph is now accepting applications for the Arrell Food Institute Scholarships from eligible candidates. These scholarships are open to students beginning a full-time graduate program. The Arrell Food Institute offers scholarships of $50,000 per year to both doctoral and master’s level students who are conducting research in the field of agriculture and food. The scholarship will cover their tuition fees for the duration specified in their initial award (e.g., $100,000 for six semesters for master’s level students, paid in installments of $16,667 per trimester or $50,000 per year). Click here to apply.

International Excellence Entrance Scholarship at the University of the Fraser Valley

International students are encouraged to apply for the International Excellence Entrance Scholarship to pursue studies at the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) in Canada for the academic year 2023/24. This scholarship is competitive and is designed for students who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance.

Each year, UFV International welcomes more than 800 new students from over 70 different countries. The university promotes academic excellence by granting various entrance scholarships annually. Last year, UFV International awarded over $400,000 in scholarships. Click here to apply.

Fully Funded Ontario Trillium Scholarship in Canada

The Ontario Trillium Scholarship is a program offered by Western University in Ontario, Canada, with the goal of encouraging highly qualified international students to pursue their studies in Canada on a fully funded basis. This prestigious scholarship provides recipients with $40,000 per year and is renewable for up to four years, supporting outstanding students pursuing a PhD degree in Ontario. To be considered for the Ontario Trillium Scholarship, prospective applicants should express their interest to the graduate program chair as part of their application for admission to Western University. If deemed eligible, the Graduate Chair will nominate them for the scholarship. Click here to apply.

DALHOUSIE University President’s Awards for International Students in Canada

DALHOUSIE University is offering the DALHOUSIE University President’s Awards for both Canadian and international students interested in pursuing PhD programs at the university. These prestigious awards aim to recognize students who have achieved academic excellence and have been recipients of significant scholarships from the Killam doctoral or Tri-agency doctoral competitions.

The President’s Awards cover full-time program tuition for up to two years, excluding minor expenses. Eligible candidates must have secured a full PhD scholarship from one of the following funding categories: NSERC (PGSD, CGSD, Vanier CGS), SSHRC (Doctoral, CGSD, Vanier CGS), CIHR (Doctoral, CGSD, Vanier CGS), or Killam (Doctoral).

This is a valuable opportunity for outstanding students to receive financial support and pursue their academic goals at DALHOUSIE University. Click here to apply.

Government of Canada International Scholarships at University of Alberta

The Government of Canada provides various scholarship programs to support individuals from other countries who wish to pursue studies, research, or professional development opportunities in Canada for a defined period.

The Canadian Government Scholarships office at the University of Alberta administers scholarships tailored to the duration and academic level of study. These include programs such as the Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program, Canada-ASEAN Scholarships and Educational Exchanges for Development (SEED), and Study in Canada Scholarships. These scholarships aim to assist international students and researchers seeking to undertake studies, research, or advance their careers in Canada for a limited period.

If you’re interested in applying for these scholarships, click here to learn more and start your application process.

York Science Scholars Award to Study in Canada

The York Science Scholars Award is now open for applications to eligible international students worldwide who wish to study at York University in Canada.

York University’s Faculty of Science is excited to announce the opportunity for students to apply for the prestigious York Science Scholars Award (YSSA) program. This program aims to support the academic and professional growth of talented and motivated science students who join the Faculty, aligning with the Faculty’s goal of educating global thinkers to advance knowledge and human progress. Keep reading to discover more about this exciting scholarship opportunity.

The York Science Scholars Award is an initiative by York University’s Faculty of Science in Canada to attract bright minds to the field of science. This program is designed to nurture the intellectual and career development of high-achieving and passionate science students entering the Faculty, in line with the mission of preparing global thinkers to contribute to knowledge and human advancement.

The York Science Scholars program grants $10,000 scholarships to a maximum of 25 first-year students. This award from the Faculty of Science is in addition to any other awards or scholarships offered by York University or the Faculty of Science upon admission. Click here to apply.

Carleton Prestige Scholarships in Canada 2023

Outstanding incoming undergraduate students with an admission average of 90% or higher are eligible for several prestigious scholarships at Carleton University in Canada. These scholarships include the Chancellor’s Scholarship, the Richard Lewar Entrance Scholarship, the Carleton University Scholarship of Excellence, the Carleton University SHAD Scholarship, the Riordon Scholarship, and the Collins Prestige Scholarship. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can click here to apply for these scholarships.

Government of Canada CIFAR AZRIELI Global Scholars Program

The CIFAR AZRIELI Global Scholars Program invites outstanding early-career researchers from various fields like natural sciences, biology, social sciences, and humanities to join its multidisciplinary research initiatives. These initiatives aim to tackle some of the most urgent challenges facing science and humanity. CIFAR receives support from the governments of Canada, Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec, along with international partner organizations, individuals, foundations, and companies.

The CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholars program consists of three main parts, all geared towards shaping the future leaders of research:

  1. Participation in a CIFAR Research Program – A,
  2. Fellow Interdisciplinary Network,
  3. Enhancing Leadership and Communication Skills and Maximizing Academic and Non-Academic Impact. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can click here to apply for the program.

Fully-funded Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships – $50,000 per year

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (Vanier CGS) program is a scholarship initiative started by the Government of Canada in 2008. Its goal is to enhance Canada’s ability to attract and retain top-notch doctoral students and position the country as a global hub for research and higher education excellence.

Vanier Scholars are students who exhibit strong leadership abilities and exceptional academic performance in graduate studies across various fields like social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, engineering, and health.

The Vanier CGS program seeks to draw and retain outstanding doctoral students by providing financial support to those who demonstrate leadership skills and exceptional academic achievements in their respective fields. Each year, 166 scholarships are awarded, each valued at $50,000 annually for the duration of the recipient’s three-year doctoral studies. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can click here to apply for the scholarship.

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