You are not eligible to use this service” on JAMB CAPS, Here is the solution to the problem



Many candidates have complained of the inability to access their JAMB CAPS. A good number of them disclosed that while trying to access their JAMB CAPS, the response they usually get is “you are not eligible to use this service.”

In the post, we will try to reveal the possible reasons for this and how candidates can go about resolving this issue. So if you are a candidate that is experiencing this issue or you know anyone that falls in this category, please point them to this post.

Why Am I seeing the error “you are not eligible to use this service”?


Filling in the wrong details:
Some candidates are unable to access their CAPS because they are not selecting the right parameters. After you have logged in on JAMB CAPS to access the JAMB CAPS, you will be required to provide these two pieces of information: The year of admission and the JAMB Registration Number. Many candidates make the mistake of either not selecting the right admission year or typing in the wrong JAMB Registration Number.

If you select the wrong admission year or a wrong registration number, you will likely get the error “you are not eligible to use this service.”

2. You might have gotten your profile login details manually:
During the 2021 UTME registration, JAMB stopped candidates from using their email addresses for registration and after registration asked candidates to link their email addresses to their JAMB profiles and receive their login details. However, many candidates decided to create an account manually on the JAMB e-facility page which they used to log in to their JAMB profile.

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If you are among the candidates that got your login details by manually signing up on the JAMB e-facility page, it simply means that JAMB is yet to recognize your account and that is why you get the error “you are not eligible to use this service when you try to access JAMB CAPS.

Solutions to “you are not eligible to use this service” on JAMB CAPS
1. The first solution is to select the right admission year from the drop-down and also ensure you type in your JAMB registration number accurately. Make sure you fill in these details correctly to avoid seeing the error “you are not eligible to use this service.”

For candidates who created profiles manually on the e-facility page and used that to log in to their profile, the solution is to link your email to JAMB CAPS using the method provided by JAMB. After you have linked your email and received your login details from JAMB, use that same email and password provided by JAMB to log in and access your CAPS.
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