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2024 British Academy International Fellowship | Fully Funded

United Kingdom

2024 British Academy International Fellowship | Fully Funded

Scholarship Overview

The British Academy International Fellowship attracts promising early career researchers worldwide to conduct research in the UK, fostering global connections and innovation. It supports scholars in exploring new research avenues, acquiring skills, and building international collaborations. By nurturing talent and promoting research excellence, the fellowship enhances the UK’s research landscape and contributes to global scholarship and cooperation.

Partner Institution(s)

The British Academy International Fellowship, managed by the UK-based British Academy, offers a fertile ground for research and innovation. Fellows benefit from the UK’s dynamic academic environment, gaining access to top-tier research facilities and resources. The program provides comprehensive support, including mentorship and networking, guiding fellows through all stages of their research. Encouraging international collaboration, the fellowship fosters interdisciplinary dialogues and partnerships, promoting the exchange of knowledge and insights. Ultimately, it reflects the UK’s commitment to research excellence and global cooperation, nurturing scholars dedicated to addressing contemporary challenges.

Degree Level(s)/Area(s) of Study

The International Fellowship, overseen by the British Academy in the UK, welcomes early career researchers across various disciplines. Applicants are encouraged to propose innovative research projects demonstrating academic excellence. The program aims to support researchers in exploring new frontiers within the UK’s academic environment. Emphasizing rigorous and original research, candidates are expected to address significant questions in their field while leveraging resources at their host institution. The fellowship serves as a platform for talent development, fostering innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration to advance scholarly excellence globally.

Scholarship Benefits

Selected fellows receive research expenses totaling £12,000 and relocation allowances of up to £8,000 over two years. Financed at 80% of the Full Economic Cost (FEC), the funding covers research-related costs like data collection and relocation expenses such as visa fees and travel. This structure balances substantial financial aid for fellows with institutional contributions, aiming to support research and ease fellows’ transition to the UK.

Qualification Criteria

Applicants must have or be close to completing a PhD, with no more than seven years of postdoctoral experience. Exceptions are made for career breaks. Proficiency in English is required, along with a detailed research proposal and collaboration with a UK host researcher. The fellowship welcomes non-UK-based researchers, emphasizing international collaboration and diverse perspectives.

Application Instructions

To initiate the application process for the British Academy International Fellowship, prospective candidates are advised to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Review Fellowship Details: Before commencing the application procedure, it is imperative to meticulously review the fellowship particulars and ensure alignment with the eligibility criteria outlined by the British Academy. This entails a comprehensive understanding of the fellowship’s objectives, scope, and requirements to ascertain suitability.
  2. Develop a Research Proposal: Collaborate with a UK host researcher to formulate a robust research proposal that encapsulates the essence of the intended research endeavor. The proposal should delineate the research objectives, methodologies, anticipated outcomes, and the significance of the proposed study within the broader academic discourse. Emphasis should be placed on articulating a coherent and innovative research agenda that aligns with the fellowship’s objectives.
  3. Gather Required Documentation: Compile all requisite documentation essential for the application process. This includes evidence of PhD completion, if applicable, curriculum vitae (CV) highlighting academic achievements, research experience, and publications, as well as letters of support from relevant academic mentors or referees endorsing the candidate’s research capabilities and potential.
  4. Submission of Application: Utilize the provided application link to submit the completed application package before the stipulated deadline on March 13, 2024. It is imperative to ensure that all required documents are uploaded accurately and that the application is submitted within the designated timeframe to be considered for evaluation.

By adhering to these sequential steps, prospective candidates can initiate and navigate the application process for the British Academy International Fellowship effectively. Through diligent preparation, collaboration with UK host researchers, and timely submission of the application package, applicants can maximize their chances of securing this prestigious fellowship opportunity to advance their academic careers and contribute to the global research landscape.


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