2024 Aziz Foundation Scholarship in UK | 100% Tuition Covered

Scholarship Synopsis

The Aziz Foundation offers scholarships for postgraduate studies in the UK to emerging British Muslim leaders. These scholarships are aimed at individuals dedicated to community and societal development, reflecting the Foundation’s mission. Exclusively for candidates eligible for Home Fees status, the program nurtures talent within British Muslim communities. By supporting education and leadership development, the Foundation aims to empower individuals to serve their communities and drive positive change, contributing to societal advancement.


Partner Institution(s)

This esteemed scholarship offers opportunities for study at diverse educational institutions across the UK, reflecting the Foundation’s dedication to promoting educational access and advancement within the nation.

Degree Level(s)/Area(s) of Study

The scholarship facilitates postgraduate studies in various fields, encompassing:


  1. Media & Journalism: Tailored for individuals aspiring to foster diverse and accurate media representation, promoting inclusivity and authenticity in narratives.
  2. Technology: Geared towards innovators leveraging technology to tackle societal challenges, driving advancements in fields such as healthcare, education, and social welfare.
  3. Sustainability/Environment: Designed for individuals committed to environmental conservation and sustainability, addressing pressing issues such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and resource management.
  4. Law: Specifically tailored for aspiring legal professionals aiming for notable accomplishments in the legal field, including pursuing careers as judges, with exceptions for conversion courses.
  5. Policy: Geared towards individuals passionate about influencing equitable public policies, advocating for social justice, human rights, and governance reforms.
  6. Arts & Culture: Aimed at creatives seeking to shape public discourse around Muslims and Islam through artistic expression, cultural initiatives, and community engagement.
  7. Sports: Tailored for individuals interested in contributing to the sports industry through roles in administration, management, and leadership, fostering inclusivity and diversity within sports organizations.

By offering scholarships in these diverse fields, the program aims to nurture talent, foster leadership, and empower individuals to make meaningful contributions to their respective fields and communities. Through postgraduate studies, scholarship recipients have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge, enhance their skills, and pursue careers aligned with their passions and aspirations, ultimately contributing to positive social change and societal development


Scholarship Benefits

The Aziz Foundation Scholarship encompasses the full coverage of tuition fees for students eligible for Home status, demonstrating the Foundation’s unwavering commitment to eliminating financial obstacles to education.

Qualification Criteria

Prospective candidates are required to meet the following criteria:

  1. Eligibility for Home fees status in the UK: Applicants must qualify for Home fees status in the United Kingdom to be considered for the scholarship.
  2. Active involvement within a Muslim community: Candidates should demonstrate active participation within a Muslim community and possess a comprehensive understanding of the issues impacting British Muslim communities.
  3. Commitment to community/societal development in Britain: Applicants must exhibit a strong commitment to contributing to the development and betterment of communities and society at large in Britain.
  4. Demonstration of how their study will enhance effectiveness in key areas relating to British Muslims: Candidates are expected to illustrate how their chosen course of study will equip them with the knowledge, skills, and expertise to effectively address and contribute to key areas relevant to British Muslims.

By meeting these criteria, applicants demonstrate their readiness and suitability for the Aziz Foundation Scholarship, showcasing their dedication to making meaningful contributions to British Muslim communities and broader society. Through this scholarship program, the Foundation aims to support individuals who possess the passion, drive, and commitment to effect positive change and foster social cohesion within British communities.


Application Instructions

To initiate the application process for the Aziz Foundation Scholarship, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the Online Application Form: Fill out the online application form, providing details regarding your educational background, professional experience, financial circumstances, and a statement not exceeding 1,000 words elucidating how you fulfill the Foundation’s eligibility criteria.
  2. Nominate Referees: Nominate two individuals who can serve as referees to support your application. These referees should be able to provide insights into your character, achievements, and potential to contribute to the British Muslim community.
  3. Attend an Interview: Shortlisted candidates will be invited to participate in an interview, during which they will have the opportunity to expound upon their vision, address challenges confronting British Muslims, and showcase their personal attributes and aspirations.
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The application deadline is June 14, 2024. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply promptly to ensure their submissions are considered for this significant opportunity.

For additional details and to commence the application process, please click on the provided link. Embark on the journey toward becoming a influential leader within the British Muslim community with the invaluable support of the Aziz Foundation Scholarship.

Through this rigorous application process, the Foundation seeks to identify individuals who exhibit exemplary leadership potential, a deep commitment to community service, and a clear vision for effecting positive change within British Muslim communities. By providing financial assistance, mentorship, and networking opportunities, the Foundation aims to empower scholarship recipients to become influential leaders and advocates for social justice, inclusivity, and cohesion within British society.




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