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Echoing Green Fellowship in USA for 2023/2024

United States

Echoing Green Fellowship in USA for 2023/2024

We discover people working on a significant plan to improve the world through our full-time Echoing Green Fellowship. Then, by putting them in touch with the communities, tools, and resources they require to realize their ideas, we assist them in becoming effective leaders.


  • Adaptable Framework

A thorough program to enhance leadership abilities and create the plans necessary for ideas to succeed

  • Support for Wellbeing 

Ongoing support that emphasizes mental and emotional health as well as self-care seminars made especially for the challenges of entrepreneurship


  • Leader Assistance

The Fellow experience is facilitated by a portfolio team, which also links these leaders to opportunities and specialists based on their individual needs.

  • Seed Money

a stipend of more than 18 months (80,000 USD). For-profit organizations are given money in the form of recoverable grants.

Community Backing

  • Networking events and retreats

meetings to bring together Fellows from different classes and cohorts as well as with institutions, investors, and seasoned business professionals who are committed to resolving global concerns.

  • Expert Associates

a collection of free services from top experts to assist organizations to become more capable and to navigate the social entrepreneurship landscape.

Eligibility for Echoing Green Fellowship

Echoing Green supports fearless leaders who recognize opportunity amid today’s most existential problems. These leaders come from all across the world. living in

This Echoing Green Fellowship is intended for individuals whose businesses are in the early stages and who are authorities on the problem they have chosen to solve. We are looking for leaders who are representative of the communities they work with, who are deeply knowledgeable about the problems, and who collaborate with and for their communities to find solutions.

Selection Criteria

  • When you start the Fellowship, will you be at least 18 years old?

By August 8, 2022, candidates for the Echoing Green Fellowship must be 18 years of age or older.

  • Can you converse effectively in English?

You must be fluent in English to be eligible for the Fellowship and to take full advantage of the programs and support services offered. English-speaking assistance is provided throughout the Echoing Green Fellowship.

  • Are you a key part of the founding team for your planned organization or one of its initial founders?

When someone starts or is starting an organization that was their original concept, we refer to them as the “founder.” You couldn’t have joined the group after it was founded and taken on a leadership role there. You must either be the organization’s lone founder or a key founding member of the founding team to qualify. You must also be a leader with the authority to make decisions within the business.

  • Are you your company’s principal decision-maker?

To be considered for an Echoing Green Fellowship, applicants must be the main decision-maker and have the final say about the development and strategic direction of their organization.

  • During the 18-month Fellowship, will you be able to devote all of your time to the proposed organization?

If chosen for an Echoing Green Fellowship, you may have other professional obligations, but you must devote your full professional attention—40 hours per week—to the work described in your application for the Fellowship. This work must also continue to be your top professional priority.

Organization Eligibility

  • Exists a parent organization for the proposed organization?

The fiscal sponsor must not have any influence over the group’s operations or decision-making for an organization to qualify for the Echoing Green Fellowship.

  • Does the proposed organization operate separately and independently from the parent company?

You must be capable of making and implementing organizational decisions of your choosing to qualify for an Echoing Green Fellowship. You could not be qualified if another organization or entity manages or has decision-making authority over your proposed organization. Independent organizations with financial sponsors may qualify as long as the fiscal sponsor has no control over the organization’s operations or decision-making.

  • Would you say, based on your evaluation, that your company or idea is still in the “early stages” of development and needs both financial and non-financial resources to become sustainable?

Echoing Green is looking for applicants who need money to start or grow their groups. Early-stage organizations or ideas are often those that have either 1) been in operation for less than five years with full-time workers, or 2) still require resources to expand and maintain their operations.

The following organizations *may* not qualify as early-stage enough for the Echoing Green Fellowship since they already have all of the following in place: a well-defined program model, an initial strategy plan, a staffing plan, initial funding sources, a board of directors that meets frequently to handle organizational governance, and the fundamental organizational infrastructure (such as a bank account, payroll, job descriptions, etc.). You may still be in your beginning phase and be eligible to apply for an Echoing Green Fellowship if you don’t yet have all of these components in place.

  • Does your company engage in lobbying to advance its objectives or mission?

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service states that Echoing Green is prohibited from giving money to groups whose main function is lobbying. The term “lobbying” refers to actions taken to encourage action on particular legislative measures, promote particular political candidates, or advocate support for particular political parties. Issue-area advocacy, which is the effort to influence political action through techniques like civic education and public campaigns, is not seen as lobbying. is the URL to consult for more information.

  • Is there a particular religion that your company supports or recruits for?

A specific religious faith cannot be promoted to your constituency’s members or converted for the organization to be qualified for an Echoing Green Fellowship.

  • Have you or any members of the founding or leadership team of the organization ever been awarded an Echoing Green Fellowship?

No founding team members or individuals in a leadership role are eligible for an Echoing Green Fellowship, and neither are you nor your organization.

Official Webpage: Visit Here

Application Deadline:

Deadline 7 February 2023.

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