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Fully Funded Scholarships by the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)/Turkey for 2024


Fully Funded Scholarships by the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)/Turkey for 2024

Summary of the Scholarship:

Fully Funded Scholarships by the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), in collaboration with Turkey, presents the IsDB-Türkiye Joint Scholarship Programme. This initiative targets exceptionally talented yet financially disadvantaged students hailing from IsDB member countries and Muslim communities worldwide. The overarching goal of this scholarship program is to provide comprehensive support to individuals pursuing undergraduate, master’s, Ph.D., and post-doctoral studies across diverse fields of study. Central to its mission is the emphasis on fostering human capital development in science and technology, thereby contributing to sustainable growth.

By joining forces with Turkey, the IsDB extends its reach to support students who exhibit outstanding academic potential but face financial barriers to pursuing higher education. Through this collaborative effort, the scholarship program seeks to empower individuals from diverse backgrounds, enabling them to access quality education and realize their academic aspirations.

The IsDB-Türkiye Joint Scholarship Programme offers a holistic approach to educational support, catering to students at various stages of their academic journey. Whether pursuing undergraduate studies to lay a strong foundation or engaging in advanced research at the post-doctoral level, recipients benefit from fully funded opportunities that encompass tuition fees, living expenses, and other essential costs associated with their studies.

Institution(s) Hosting the Scholarship:

The scholarships facilitate study opportunities at esteemed institutions worldwide, spanning regions such as the UK, Canada, USA, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. These opportunities are made possible through the collaboration between the Islamic Development Bank and Turkish educational institutions.

Academic Level(s) and Field(s) of Study:

The scholarship opportunities extend to a wide array of academic pursuits, covering undergraduate, postgraduate, master’s, Ph.D., and training programs. Fields of study encompass critical areas such as medicine, engineering, agriculture, computer sciences, information technology, and other science and technology-related disciplines. These fields are deemed essential for the advancement and development of the member countries.

Value of the Scholarship:

The IsDB/Türkiye scholarships provide comprehensive financial support, encompassing a full scholarship package that includes various essential components. This package covers tuition fees, ensuring that scholars can pursue their academic endeavors without financial burden. Additionally, recipients receive monthly stipends to support their living expenses, ensuring they can focus on their studies without concerns about basic needs.

Accommodation expenses are also covered under the scholarship, ensuring that scholars have a comfortable living environment conducive to their academic pursuits. Furthermore, health insurance coverage is provided, offering peace of mind and access to medical care when needed.

One of the significant benefits of the scholarship is the provision of roundtrip airfare, enabling scholars to travel to their study destination and return home upon completion of their studies. This eliminates a significant financial barrier for students who may otherwise struggle to afford international travel expenses.

Moreover, the scholarship includes allowances for additional expenses such as books, clothing, conference participation, and thesis preparation. These allowances ensure that scholars have access to necessary resources for their studies and academic development. They can purchase required textbooks, attend conferences to enhance their academic knowledge, and prepare their thesis without financial constraints.

Overall, the IsDB/Türkiye scholarships offer a comprehensive support package that addresses various aspects of scholars’ financial needs. By covering tuition fees, living expenses, accommodation, health insurance, travel costs, and additional allowances, the scholarship enables recipients to focus wholeheartedly on their academic and personal development. This support plays a crucial role in empowering talented individuals from diverse backgrounds to pursue higher education and contribute to the advancement of their communities and societies.


Applicants are required to showcase both financial need and academic excellence, meeting distinct age and educational requirements depending on the scholarship category:

For undergraduate candidates, completion of high school with outstanding grades is mandatory, demonstrating a strong academic foundation.

Postgraduate applicants must hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree with commendable academic performance. Additionally, they need to provide evidence of proficiency in the language used as the medium of instruction at the university.

Irrespective of the scholarship category, all applicants must meet certain universal criteria. They should be medically fit and not currently benefiting from any other scholarship programs. Additionally, possessing a National Identity Number (NIN) is a prerequisite for eligibility.

These eligibility criteria ensure that applicants possess the requisite academic qualifications and financial need to benefit from the scholarships offered. They also aim to maintain a standard of excellence among recipients while ensuring their ability to contribute effectively to their chosen fields of study.

By adhering to these criteria, the scholarship program can attract and support individuals who demonstrate the potential for academic success and are committed to making meaningful contributions to their respective fields and communities.

 Guidelines for Application:

To apply, candidates must utilize the Türkiye Scholarships website, which is accessible in eight languages. The application process entails selecting the IsDB scholarship program that aligns with the applicant’s eligibility and academic objectives. Required documentation typically includes academic certificates, evidence of language proficiency, a statement of purpose, and a research proposal for Ph.D. candidates.

While a specific application deadline is not specified, prospective candidates are strongly advised to submit their applications well in advance and remain vigilant for scholarship notifications to stay updated.

This scholarship initiative highlights the IsDB’s dedication to promoting educational opportunities within its community, with the goal of empowering individuals to assume leadership roles in their respective societies. Through this initiative, the IsDB aims to equip beneficiaries with the knowledge and skills necessary to make significant contributions to their communities and beyond.

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