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Musicians Foundation MI Online Performance International Scholarships in USA

United States

Musicians Foundation MI Online Performance International Scholarships in USA

Scholarship Overview

The Musicians Foundation MI Online Performance Scholarship is a prestigious award aimed at supporting exceptionally talented individuals enrolled in MI’s Online Performance Programs. It honors and provides financial assistance to students who demonstrate outstanding creativity and musical prowess. The scholarship’s primary goal is to recognize and nurture aspiring musicians, offering them resources to excel in their craft. It aims to alleviate financial burdens associated with music education, enabling recipients to focus on honing their skills. Additionally, the scholarship fosters a community of dedicated musicians committed to advancing the art of music. Overall, it reflects MI’s commitment to supporting emerging talent and shaping the future of music education.

Partner Institution(s)

The Musicians Foundation MI Online Performance Scholarship acknowledges and supports exceptional talent among students enrolled in MI’s Online Performance Programs. It aims to encourage and financially assist aspiring musicians, enabling them to pursue their educational goals and enhance their musical abilities. The scholarship empowers passionate individuals to further develop their skills and talents in music.

Degree Level(s)/Area(s) of Study

The scholarship opportunity is open to students enrolled in MI’s Online Music Artist Performance Program at the bachelor’s degree level. This encompasses various disciplines such as Bass, Guitar, Drums, Vocals, or Keyboard, offering aspiring musicians a platform to enhance their skills and pursue their passion for music.

Scholarship Benefits

Recipients of the Musicians Foundation MI Online Performance Scholarship receive a $1,000 financial award credited towards their program’s first quarter tuition fees. This scholarship recognizes their exceptional talent and commitment to music, supporting their educational journey at MI Online. It empowers recipients to develop their musical skills and pursue careers in music.

Qualification Criteria

Both international students and U.S. citizens are eligible for this scholarship, promoting diversity and inclusivity. Applicants must have submitted the Application for Admissions by the specified deadline to be considered, showing active engagement in the admissions process. Recipients must maintain enrollment at a minimum of 7.5 units throughout the scholarship period, emphasizing the importance of academic engagement and progress. This criterion supports students’ educational pursuits, enabling them to make meaningful progress towards their academic and career goals.

Application Instructions

Prospective applicants should create a YouTube video showcasing their musical talent and creativity. The video should include ensemble and solo performances across different styles and genres. Candidates can demonstrate their versatility and skill, whether playing an instrument or singing. The application deadline for Spring 2024 programs allows applicants enough time to prepare and refine their submissions.


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