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Highline College New ISP Student Scholarships in United States


Highline College New ISP Student Scholarships in United States

Scholarship Overview

Highline College proudly announces the unveiling of the prestigious New ISP Student Scholarship for the academic period spanning from 2024 to 2025. This distinguished scholarship program has been specifically curated to extend a generous hand of financial aid to fresh entrants into the international student community, affording them the invaluable opportunity to access essential financial support as they embark on their academic journey at Highline College.

Partner Institution(s)

Highline College, founded with a rich legacy dating back to its establishment in 1961, stands as a beacon of educational excellence and commitment to student success. With a steadfast dedication to delivering superior education, Highline College has continuously strived to create an enriching environment that offers students a myriad of opportunities to flourish. Central to its ethos is the cultivation of a vibrant and inclusive learning community that celebrates diversity and embraces multiculturalism, thereby fostering an environment where individuals from all walks of life can thrive academically, socially, and culturally.

Degree Level(s)/Area(s) of Study

The scholarship opportunity extends its reach to encompass undergraduate students enrolled in an array of academic disciplines available within the diverse spectrum of fields offered at Highline College. This inclusive approach ensures that students from a wide range of educational backgrounds and interests have the opportunity to benefit from this valuable financial support as they pursue their undergraduate studies at the college. Whether exploring the humanities, sciences, business, technology, or any other discipline, eligible students across various fields of study can take advantage of this scholarship opportunity to propel their academic endeavors forw…Click here

Scholarship Benefits

Individuals honored as recipients of the esteemed New ISP Student Scholarship will be granted a financial award totaling $500.00 US dollars. This significant sum is designated to be applied specifically towards the tuition fees for the ensuing academic quarter, effectively alleviating a portion of the financial burden associated with pursuing higher education at Highline College. This targeted allocation of funds aims to empower scholarship recipients by directly contributing to their educational expenses, allowing them to focus more diligently on their studies and academic pursuits without the added concern of managing tuition costs.

Qualification Criteria

In order to be considered eligible for the scholarship opportunity, prospective applicants are required to satisfy the following set of criteria:

  1. Commence their academic journey at Highline College during the Fall term of 2023, the Winter term of 2024, the Spring term of 2024, or the Summer term of 2024.
  2. Possess the status of an F-1 International student and be subject to the payment of non-resident tuition fees.
  3. Enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours during both the initial and subsequent quarters of study.
  4. If currently residing within the United States, maintain full-time enrollment status and remain in good standing with Highline College, adhering to the stipulated requirement of a minimum of 12 credit hours per academic quarter. This ensures continuous eligibility and compliance with the institution’s academic standards and regulations.

Application Instructions

To embark on the journey of applying for the esteemed New ISP Student Scholarship, prospective candidates are encouraged to diligently follow the outlined steps detailed below:

  1. Craft a concise yet compelling essay elucidating the reasons behind your selection of Highline College as your educational institution of choice, delving into your personal narrative and motivations that led you to this pivotal decision. This essay serves as a reflection of your aspirations, experiences, and the unique perspective you bring to the Highline College community.
  2. Embrace the advantage of early application submission to maximize your prospects of securing this esteemed scholarship opportunity. By submitting your application ahead of schedule, you not only demonstrate your proactive approach and commitment but also enhance your visibility in the selection process.
  3. Navigate to the designated platform to complete the New ISP Student Scholarship Application meticulously. This comprehensive application form encompasses various sections, including the submission of your meticulously crafted essay, designed to provide evaluators with a comprehensive understanding of your academic goals, achievements, and aspirations.
  4. Assemble and submit the requisite supporting documents, including your aforementioned short essay, to complement your scholarship application. These documents serve to corroborate the information provided in your application, offering additional insights into your academic journey and personal narrative.
  5. Take careful note of the specified application deadlines corresponding to the academic terms for which you seek consideration:
    • Fall 2023: Application deadline is October 9, 2023.
    • Winter 2024: Application deadline is January 22, 2024.
    • Spring 2024: Application deadline is April 15, 2024.
  6. Anticipate communication regarding the status of your scholarship application to be conveyed via email. Throughout the evaluation process, successful applicants will receive regular updates on a weekly basis, ensuring transparency and facilitating seamless communication regarding the progression of their application. This systematic approach to communication aims to keep applicants informed and engaged, fostering a supportive environment conducive to the pursuit of academic excellence at Highline College.


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