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International Student Scholarships in USA


International Student Scholarships in USA

Scholarship Synopsis

Post University offers Online International Student Scholarships for the 2024/2025 academic year to support foreign students in online programs. These scholarships target academic excellence and financial need, aiming to remove financial barriers for international students. By providing financial aid, Post University promotes diversity and inclusivity in online education, empowering students to pursue their academic goals confidently. These scholarships demonstrate the university’s commitment to global engagement and equitable access to education, fostering a community of learners prepared for a connected world.

Partner Institution(s)

Post University is committed to providing education that is accessible and adaptable to students worldwide. Located in the United States, Post University offers a wide array of undergraduate and graduate programs, catering to the diverse needs of students globally. This includes a comprehensive selection of online-based courses, ensuring that students have the flexibility to pursue their education from virtually anywhere in the world.

Degree Level(s)/Area(s) of Study

The scholarships are open to undergraduate students who are enrolled in any of the subjects offered through Post University’s online-based programs. This inclusive opportunity extends to students pursuing various fields of study within the university’s online curriculum.

Scholarship Benefits

The scholarships are open to undergraduate students who are enrolled in any of the subjects offered through Post University’s online-based programs. This inclusive opportunity extends to students pursuing various fields of study within the university’s online curriculum.

Qualification Criteria

Eligible Countries: The scholarships are open to applicants from all international countries.

Acceptable Course or Subjects: Applicants can pursue any subject offered by Post University.

Admissible Criteria:

  1. Citizenship Requirement: Applicants must hold citizenship of a foreign country.
    • Ineligibility: U.S. citizens, Permanent Residents of the U.S., and individuals eligible for Title IV federal student financial assistance are not eligible to apply.
  2. Residency Requirement: Students enrolled in online-based programs must reside in a foreign country.
  3. Scholarship Stacking: Scholarship stacking from multiple Post University sources is not permitted.
  4. Non-negotiable Scholarships: The scholarships are non-negotiable and will not be increased to match offers from other institutions.
  5. Academic Progress: Recipients must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress as per Post University’s catalog.
  6. Enrollment Requirement: Scholarship recipients must enroll in a minimum of five terms per academic year.
  7. Validity Period: Scholarships are valid only for international applicants entering Post University during the 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 academic years.

Application Instructions

  1. Eligibility Review: Ensure that you meet all eligibility criteria specified for the Online International Student Scholarships at Post University.
  2. Prepare Required Documents: Gather all necessary documents, including academic transcripts, proof of citizenship, residency documentation, and any other materials specified in the scholarship application guidelines.
  3. Online Application: Access the scholarship application portal on the Post University website. Complete the online application form accurately and truthfully, providing all required information.
  4. Document Submission: Upload scanned copies of all required documents to the online application portal. Ensure that all documents are clear, legible, and in the specified file formats.
  5. Review and Submit: Review your application thoroughly to ensure completeness and accuracy. Once you are satisfied with your application, submit it through the online portal.
  6. Deadline Compliance: Be mindful of the application deadline for the scholarship program. Submit your application well before the deadline to avoid any issues with late submissions.
  7. Application Confirmation: Upon successful submission, you should receive a confirmation email or notification acknowledging receipt of your application. Keep this confirmation for your records.
  8. Follow-Up: Monitor your email and application portal for any updates or communications regarding your application status. Respond promptly to any requests for additional information or documentation.
  9. Await Notification: After the application deadline has passed, wait for the scholarship selection committee to review applications and make decisions. Notification of scholarship awards or further instructions will be sent to applicants via email or through the application portal.
  10. Scholarship Acceptance: If you are awarded the scholarship, carefully review the terms and conditions outlined in the scholarship offer letter. Follow the instructions provided for accepting the scholarship and any associated requirements.
  11. Enrollment: Upon accepting the scholarship, proceed with the enrollment process at Post University according to the provided instructions. Ensure that you meet all enrollment deadlines and requirements to secure your place in the online-based program.
  12. Commencement of Studies: Begin your studies at Post University as scheduled, making the most of the financial assistance provided by the Online International Student Scholarships.


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