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Denys Holland Scholarship 2024-25 | University College London


Denys Holland Scholarship 2024-25 | University College London

Scholarship Overview:

The Denys Holland Scholarship celebrates the legacy of Professor Denys Holland, known for creating a vibrant and inclusive student environment. This scholarship is for international undergraduate students who face financial barriers to studying at UCL. It aims to ease financial pressures and enhance the university experience by encouraging students to engage in diverse extracurricular activities and Student Union events. The scholarship provides £9,000 per year for three years, depending on the student’s academic performance.

The host institution or organizations for the scholarship.

The Denys Holland Scholarship is provided by University College London (UCL), which is a highly respected university. UCL offers a wide variety of undergraduate programs and has a lively campus atmosphere. The university is proud to host this scholarship, emphasizing its dedication to academic success and creating an inclusive environment where students from diverse backgrounds can flourish.

Degree Level and Areas of Study:

The Denys Holland Scholarship is available for undergraduate students pursuing any degree program offered at University College London. This includes a wide range of fields such as:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Social Sciences
  • Law
  • Business and Management

Students have the flexibility to choose their area of study based on their interests and career aspirations.

Scholarship Benefits:

Recipients of the Denys Holland Scholarship receive financial assistance to cover their tuition fees and living expenses while studying at UCL. The scholarship aims to alleviate the financial burden on students, allowing them to focus on their academic and personal development.

Qualification Criteria:

To be eligible for the Denys Holland Scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be applying for or already enrolled in a full-time undergraduate degree program at University College London.
  • Demonstrate financial need and facing significant barriers to accessing higher education due to financial constraints.
  • Exhibit academic excellence and a strong commitment to their chosen field of study.
  • Demonstrate leadership potential and involvement in extracurricular activities or community service.

Application Process:

Prospective students must complete the scholarship application process, which typically involves submitting an online application form, academic transcripts, a personal statement, and any additional required documents specified by the scholarship committee. The deadline for the 2024 scholarship cycle will be announced by UCL, and interested applicants should visit the scholarship application site for more detailed information and updates.

The Denys Holland Scholarship offers aspiring students at University College London a valuable opportunity to pursue their academic and professional goals. By providing financial support to talented individuals, the scholarship contributes to creating a diverse and inclusive learning environment at UCL. Interested applicants are encouraged to apply and seize this opportunity to further their education and future prospects.Click here

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